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Lost in Translation?

There are a lot of complex molecules translating messenger RNA into proteins. Students spend a lot of time thinking about how protein structure translates into functions, but much less about how RNA structures can.

The tRNA model lets students see it!

We have used these tRNA to describe:

  • RNA loops. If printed in a flexible material, the strand can be straightened. Loops are easy to see even if rigid.

  • Codon/anticodon pairing

  • RNA base pairing interactions

  • RNA base stacking interactions

Where's the data?

Want to know if using 3D models is effective? We did too. Check out our peer-reviewed publication here.

The Models


Model design: Michelle Howell

tRNA (Phe)

Printable File Downloads

Opens a UNL Digital Commons page with download files at the bottom. Two versions available: .blend and .stl

Note that these models were designed to be printed on an SLS printer. Printers with support material may also work. 

Print a tRNA at Shapeways

No 3D printer? Print models with a professional service, they ship to your door.


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